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BENEVENTO WORKSHOP, February 22-26 2006, Benevento, Italy

Index of Program Abstracts and Biographical Statements by Lecturer Name and Title of Talk

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Aspetti scientifici / Scientific issues

Opening Presentation
In memoria di / In memory of Ross Adey
Lecturer: Carl Blackman

Sessione I /Session 1
Title: Biointerazione dei campi elettromagnetici / EMF biointeraction
Chair: Livio Giuliani, ICEMS spokesman - Venezia (I)

Abstract titles and Relatori / Invited Lecturers:
1. Some problems in modern Bioelectromagnetics
Mikail Zhadin, ICEMS, Institute for Cell Biophysics - Pushchino (RUS)
2. The Effects of Gradients of Electric and Magnetic Fields on Biological Systems
Frank S. Barnes
University of Colorado (USA)
3. Martin Fleischmann, Past President, Royal Chemistry Society, Salisbury (UK) (not present but his letter was read at the meeting)
4. ICR effect: from ion dynamics to living systems behaviour
Antonella De Ninno, ICEMS, ENEA, Frascati (I) Getullio Talpo, ICEMS, Padova Ricerche, Padova (I)
5. The role of the electromagnetic field in the self-organization of living matter and the effects of externally applied fields
Emilio del Giudice, ICEMS, INFN - Milano (I)

Interventi programmati /Additional Presentations:
6. Roberto Germano, INFM, Napoli (I) Abstract not available at time of publication

Sessione II / Session 2
Title: In vitro studi/studies
Chair: Morando Soffritti, Fondazione "B. Ramazzini", Bologna (I), represented by Degli Esposti

Abstract titles and Relatori / Invited Lecturers:
1. Effect of low frequency electromagnetic field on functional groups in HaCaT cells
Settimio Grimaldi, ICEMS, CNR, Tor Vergata, Roma (I)
2. Animal studies on the effects of ELF and Static EMF performed at Gazi Biophysics
Nesrin Seyhan, ICEMS, GNRP & Gazi Biophysics, Ankara,(TK)
3. 900 MHz signal affects proliferation and cell cycle regulation on CCRF-CEM: time and power dependant results
Fiorenzo Marinelli, ICEMS, CNR - Bologna (I)
4. WB analysis and comet assay as detection methods in the EMF studies
Allessandra Zamparelli, CNR - Bologna (I)
5. Electromagnetic Fields: Mechanisms of Interaction with Biological Systems (Abstract and Talk)
Henry C. Lai, ICEMS University of Washington, Seattle (USA)
6. ELF and RF electromagnetic fields (EMF) in vitro effects: our experience
Ferdinando Bersani, ICEmB, Universit? di Bologna (I) (PPT presentation and AVI Video)

Sessione II / Session 3
Title: In vivo studi/studies
Chair: Livio Giuliani, Istituto Superiore per la Prevenzione e la Sicurezza del Lavoro (ISPESL)Direttore del Dipartimento di Venezia

Abstract titles and Relatori / Invited Lecturers:

1. The Experimental Project of the European Ramazzini Foundation to Evaluate the Carcinogenicity of ELFMF and RFEMF on Sprague-Dawley Rats: Plan and Conduct of the Experiments
Morando Soffritti, ICEMS, Fondazione B. Ramazzini, Bologna (I) Presented by Degli Esposito on Dr. Soffritti's behalf. (letter sent in absentia)
2. Assessment of immunotropic effects of long-term exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation.
Stanislaw Szmigielski, ICEMS; Military Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw (PO)
3. Non-thermal effects of EMF upon the mammalian brain
Leif G. Salford, ICEMS, Lund University (SW)
4. Electrohypersensitivity: Observations in the Human Skin of a Physical Impairment (Abstract and Papers)
Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (SW)
5. Weak combined magnetic fields decrease the level of brain beta-amyloid in animal model of sporadic AD
Natalia Bobkova, ICEMS, Institute for Cell Biophysics, Pushchino (RUS)
6. Ultra High Frequency and Microwave Non-linear Interaction Device for Cancer Detection
Clarbruno Vedruccio, Marina Militare (I)
7. Can EMF exposure during development leave an imprint later in life?
Carl Blackman, ICEMS, BEMS, Past President. Raleigh (USA)

Session IV - Session 4
Title: Dosimetria e Standards & Dosimetry
Chair: Emilio Del Giudice, ICEMS, INFN - Milano (I)

Relatori / Invited lecturers
1. Mike Repacholi, Chief WHO EMF Project, Geneva, (AUS) (cancelled)
2. The Precautionary Principle (PP) Requires Laboratory Research (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Martin Blank, Columbia University, New York (USA)
3. Mobile communication is a real and specific source of the electromagnetic influence on the population.
Yury Grigorev, ICEMS, RCNRP, Institute of Biophysics, Moscow (RUS)
3. Comparison of EMF standard and EMF research in China
4. The inadequacy of current Italian safety guidelines
Gerard Hyland, ICEMS, Warwick University, (UK)
5. ICR effect" to explain Ion transport across cell membrane
Livio Giuliani, ICEMS; Enrico d'Emilio, ISPESL, Venezia (I)

Interventi programmati / Additional Presentations
6. Effect of Cellular Phone Emission on Kinetic and Structural Characteristics Of Globular Proteins.
Mario Barteri University of Rome "La Sapienza", Roma (I)
(Abstract not available at time of publication)

Session V - Session 5
Title: Monitoraggio e misurazioni/ Monitoring and measurements
Chair: Zhaojin Cao, NIEHS, CCDC, (CHINA)

Relatori / Invited lecturers
1. The radio electric coverage for mobile telephony :an alternative solution to reduce exposition to EMFs
Francesco Boella, Livio Guiliani, ISPESL, Venice (I)
2. Electromagnetic Impact Evaluation: State-of-the-art of the available algorithms and its implementation on Quick_PlanTM 2.0 SW platform
Raimondo Lo Forti, Space Engeenering, Roma (I)
3. Design of Microwave Exposure Systems
Angelico Bedini, et al. ISPESL, Roma (I)
4. Non Ionising Radiation in Brazil: Recent Progress in Estimation, Measurements and Monitoring (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Alvaro Augusto A. de Salles, ICEMS, Universitao Rio Grande do Sul, (BR)

Interventi programmati / Additional Presentations
5. FDTD simulations of the SAR in the head of children and adults using mobile phones (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Alvaro Augusto A. de Salles, ICEMS, Universitao Rio Grande do Sul, (BR)

Session VI - Session 6
Title: Epidemiologia e valutazione del rischio / Epidemiology and risk assessment
Chair: Henry C. Lai, ICEMS, University of Washington, Seattle (I)

Relatori / Invited lecturers
1 Application of Precautionary Framework in ELF and RL Fields in Taiwan
Yi-Ping Lin, ICEMS, National Taiwan University, Taipei (TAIWAN)
2. (abstract not available at time of publication)
Corrado Magnani, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Novara (I)
3. Radio Frequencies and Cancer Risk
Franco Merlo, ICEMS, IST, Genova (I)
4. Pooled analysis of two case-control studies on use of cellular and cordless phones and the risk for brain tumours diagnosed during 1997-2003
Lennart Hardell, ICEMS, University Hospital, Orebro (SW)
5. The Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity with Special Emphasis on Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.
Magda Havas, ICEMS, Trent University, Ontario (CAN)
6. Zebras or Horses with Stripes: Applying the Precautionary Principle to excess risks in a kibbutz with Environmental Exposures to RF-MW (multiple frequencies)
Elihu Richter, ICEMS, Hebrew University-Hadassah, Jerusalem (ISR)
7. The Varieties of Possible Precautionary Approaches to Low Frequency EMFs (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Raymond R. Neutra, Albany, (USA)

Interventi programmati / Additional Presentations
8. The Rationale and Conclusions of the 2002 California EMF Risk Evaluation (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Raymond R. Neutra, Albany, (USA)

Tavola Rotonda/Round table -  discussion
Raymond R. Neutra

Aspetti legali / Legal issues

Session I / Session 1
Title: I diritti dei cittadini: class action e diritto amministrativo / The citizens' rights: class action or administrative procedures; Normativa / Legislation & Regulation
Chair: Amedeo Postiglione, Presidente Sezione Corte Cassazione

1. The citizen's rights; class action or administrative procedures
Kenneth B. Moll, Attorney, Chicago (USA)
2. (Abstract not available at time of publication)
Carlo Rienzi, Avvocato, CODACONS, Roma (I)
3. Precautionary principle in common law and civil law
Maria Vittoria Lumetti, Avvocato dello Stato, Bologna (I)
4. (Abstract not available at time of publication)
Pietro Persico, Magistrato, Napoli (I)
5. The Politics of EMF Policy Decisions in CA: See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Loretta Lynch, University of California, Berkeley (USA)
6. The Debate on Nonthermal Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: Incommensurable Paradigms? (Abstract and PPT presentation)
Carolyn Miller, North Carolina State University (USA)
7. Fire Fighters - Living in the Shadows of a Cell Tower (Abstract, PPT, Talk and IAAF Report)
Joe Foster, International Association of Firefighters, Vancouver (CAN)
8. Electromagnetic radiation is a carcinogenic, neurogenerative, genotoxic immunodepressive: EMR poses a grave danger to human health. Let's not activate new antennas. Let's minimize use of cell phones
Francesco De Lorenzo, ALCE, Rome (I)





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